SEED Strategic Model


Startup, a meaningful word for today’s enthusiastic world. As this word can be split in “start” and “up”, we could say that the “up” is related to develop and increase the business. STRATEGY is the high level PLAN to achieve GOALS in times of uncertainty.  Also, “Strategy is how a company achieves its goal by developing its scarce resources to gain a sustainable competitive advantage” Read more.


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PESTEL model: Factors that could influence a start-up 


When starting a new company the analysis of the external factors that influence the market is important because it can prevent future difficulties in running the business. One of the model used in business strategy is PESTEL model. PESTEL comes from Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal factors. Read more.

Strategy – the journey for start-ups!

seedIf strategy is achieving goals through efficient planning in order to gain competitive advantage, when our resources are limited, why do we see many start-ups that don’t have an efficient strategy? In many times, the uncertainty and unpredictable environment because their main concern of a new company because of 3 main reasons… Read more.

Why getting to break-even is so crucial?

BREAK-EVENHere at we help organization improve their business by providing advice and tools for financial analysis. A company can reach performance by reaching “break-even”. As the word tells us, at this point the company “breaks” it’s current results to “even”, where revenues are equal to costs. Read more.